Discover the Biggest 2020 Shoe Trends at

Discover the Biggest 2020 Shoe Trends at


2020 has been a year of amazing fashion and runways in Milan, New York, Paris, and London have won people over with the assortment of style trends for the year. When it comes to shoes, you cannot ignore its importance when it comes to completing the looks of an outfit. Both the Spring and the Fall 2020 collections at all the major fashion runways treated the audience with some spectacular designs and trends for this year.

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Victoria Barbara is a widely loved and respected fashion blogger from New York. She is known for her high-end and street style fashion that she shares on her site When it comes to the latest 2020 shoe trends for the year, she advises choosing the following 2020 stylish footwear to add to your closet-

  1. Chain accents- These shoes have anklets that in inside your shoe. They emerged as a style statement for the Spring 2020 fashion runways this year. The chain on your sandal or bootie adds glimmering sparkle to the feet. Tamara Melon and Schutz have some charming and classy chain designs for this year.
  2. The revamped loafers- This classic shoe style received a major makeover this year. Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Lanvin showcased some amazing designs on the ramp.
  3. Loafer pumps with chains- Now, this trend for this year is a perfect combination of the above two styles. Prada created some amazing footwear with this style. They can be worn to the office, or you can perfectly pair them up with jeans in the evening after work.
  4. Boots in bright colors- Vibrant and colorful boots were the talk of the town when they emerged on all the major fashion runways in 2020. These bright colors are the perfect break from the mundane Black Boots that everyone is so bored of seeing. There were many shades of orange and yellow this year. Chunky boots are a hot fashion trend this year, so grab a few to sport throughout the year. Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, came out with some amazing vibrant boots that are must-haves for the spring and summer seasons in 2020.
  5. Strappy sandals- Sandals with straps that can be tied at the ankles are in this year. Some straps are lace, and some are made of bold leather. The trend for 2020 was to tie these straps over pants, and if you are fond of getting adventurous when it comes to glamor and fashion this year, these sandals should be in your closet. Grab a pair and check out the stunning designs created by Isabel Marant, JW Anderson, and Valentino.

When it comes to style trends and fashions, women should never underestimate the value of shoes and how they can actually make or break an outfit. You can get more trends for 2020 at and start buying them for your spring and summer wear. When it comes to shoes, make sure they sync in well with the right outfits, so stay informed and shop wisely. The good news is there is something for every woman of all ages!


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