Things You Should Carry In Your Trekking Kit

Things You Should Carry In Your Trekking Kit


Trekking is exciting, adventurousand fun. It can also make it difficult if the person forgets to carry the basic essentials with them. Remember, when going to places that are away from home and cities, access to many things we take for granted is not possible. Realizing that you have forgotten to carry along a water bottle or proper medication when halfway through trekking is something no one wants to face.

Let us now make a list of things one should carry in the trekking kit.

  • Water Bottle
    • We cannot stress enough about the importance of carrying water. Trekking in any weather conditions (even in the cold) will dehydrate the body. Taking periodical sips of water will ensure maintaining the water levels in the body. Moreover, a water bottle can be refilled whenever water resources are available.
  • Food for munching
    • Chocolates, energy bars, dry fruits give instant energy, which will help in making sure we stand on our feet and complete the trekking. Mix some of the nuts, energy bars and put them in small packets. Eat little at a time and munch on the go.
  • Pain relief medication
    • Do not forget to carry some mild painkillers and always buy pain relief spray. It works wonders in providing instant pain relief in unexpected circumstances. Trekking can be risky and one has to take care not to slip or sprain their ankles. However, being prepared is advisable.
  • Trekking Shoes
    • Invest in a good pair of sturdy hiking boots or trekking shoes. The worst thing is to go on trekking in a pair of normal footwear and suffer afterward. Carry another pair of shoes and two or three spare pairs of socks.
  • Swiss knife or multipurpose knife
    • Despite the size, it a very handy tool that can be used for multiple purposes as the name suggests.
    • Always remember to carry it along, preferable in the pockets or at places where it is readily accessible and within reach.
  • Flashlight and Spare Batteries
    • We can have a schedule planned and yet get delayed due to various reasons. And, if the trekking is more than a day’s work, carry a powerful flashlight along with you. Better yet, also take a set of spare, fresh batteries to last until you return to the main base.
  • Skin Protection
    • Trekking exposes the skin to the extreme heat or cold, depending on where you trek. Carry a tube or a bottle of body and face cream to use as sunscreen or a moisturizer.
    • Another pair of light clothes will come in handy, especially if there will be a night stay while trekking.

Of course, it is necessary not to overdo everything and pile up a load. After all, we have to carry our bags and climbing up a hill with a burden straining over our shoulders is not advisable.


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