How to Align Medical Insurance with your Financial Goals?

How to Align Medical Insurance with your Financial Goals?


The key to avoid financial stress is to set proper financial goals. This is true especially for a family that relies on regular monthly salary to meet various expenses such as household expenses, children’s education and marriage. In addition, retirement is a life event that brings a lot of changes including a break in income flow. Moreover, retired life for senior citizens is a time of relaxation but, at the same time, brings tense moments due to old-age related health issues. As costs of medical treatment are steadily mounting, health insurance has become necessary.

Buy Medical Insurance to Save Yourself From Financial Expenses

One of the financial goals of any family is to save unwanted expenses arising from medical emergencies. One ideal solution is to buy online medical insurance plans as per one’s health needs and prevent financial crunch. Nowadays, one can buy online medical insurance plans as it is completely hassled free and offers a variety of benefits.

Opting for health insurance should be one of the financial goals of a family. Not just senior citizens but people of all age groups face various kinds of health risks. Lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, heart ailments, etc. are affecting a lot of youngsters as well. This is why a family should have a health cover so that one’s hard-earned savings are safeguarded when medical emergencies occur suddenly.

Benefits of Medical Insurance

Cover of Medical Expenses:

Hospitalization owing to an illness or injury for a person can be a cause of major stress for his/her family. Such moments not only impact physically and mentally but also financially. Having a health insurance policy is a saving grace. With a cashless treatment facility, it becomes easier as the bills are directly settled by the insurer.

Tax Saving:

We make a lot of investments in order to save on taxes. Buying medical insurance is also beneficial when one is looking for tax savings. There is a tax deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act on the premium paid for the insurance policy. Using a health insurance premium calculator, one can accurately know the amount of premium payable to the insurer.

Financial Cushion:

Medical emergencies can lead to huge expenditures. Moreover, medical treatment is not limited to hospitalization, in many cases. Having a good health insurance plan will provide cover for expenses that go beyond hospitalization entailing pre and post hospitalisation, ambulance costs, daily allowance, diagnostic tests, etc.

Support in Retirement:

Planning for retirement is a responsibility of every salaried individual. This is essential as health issues increase in old age. Buying a health policy at an early age is a wise decision. This will ensure that the medical treatment costs arising out of any medical emergency do not create a burden. The insurance policy will cover all such expenses and help one stay worry-free.

Free Health Check-ups:

By opting for plans such as ‘Care’ by Religare Health Insurance, which is a family floater plan, one can avail features such as annual health check-ups that are free of cost. This will save a lot of money as diagnostic tests are quite expensive. Annual medical check-ups are highly essential for monitoring health and detecting ailments at an early stage to avoid complications.


Gradually, people are realizing the importance of buying health insurance plans. The best way to realize one’s life goals is to keep a financial plan ready that also includes buying a medical insurance policy. Medical emergencies come unannounced. Hence, having financial support in the form of health cover is highly recommended. Moreover, before buying a health plan, it is crucial to assess one’s health requirements in order to make the right choice. In addition, having a thorough understanding of the available health policies is quite essential.

The premium one pays to the insurer is a small amount in comparison to the coverage one gets and this makes health insurance a best solution when it comes to saving on medical expenses.


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