8 Questions You Need To Ask When Renting Minnie Mouse Bounce Houses

8 Questions You Need To Ask When Renting Minnie Mouse Bounce Houses


The charm of bounce houses is hard to explain, but that we all understand in one way or another, getting into that kind of games and jumping for a long time with their friends, bouncing from one place to another, is something that makes kids happy and has fun. When adults can do it, they enjoy it too. So when your daughter’s birthday is coming up, renting Minnie Mouse bounce houses is a good idea, but making the experience unforgettable, here are the questions you should ask when renting.

1) How many children can fit inside Minnie Mouse bounce houses?

It will depend on the inflatable size, but generally speaking, between 8 and 10 children can safely play simultaneously depending on the children’s age groups using it.

2) How much does it cost to rent inflatable games?

The price is based on several factors such as the size, your party date, the time of your event, and the location where it will be delivered.

3) What if it is raining?

Typically, companies will not deliver when the weather is rainy due to safety concerns. The inflatable game becomes extraordinarily wet and slippery. Ask if there is no cost to you for a canceled reservation due to bad weather. If it rains during your event, it is recommended that you stop using the game during the rain for safety reasons, after which it can dry out and be used again.

4) Do the inflatable games fit indoors?

Yes, some units will fit in a two-car garage. These smaller units are designed for children six and under. You can also set up the larger companies anywhere within that height capacity. Ask for the dimensions of any unit you may be interested in.

5)How far in advance should you book?

We suggest 4-6 weeks in advance to have a better selection. You can always find something last minute, but if you wait too long, it won’t be easy to find the Minnie Mouse house your daughter wants. That’s because we have a large number of units. We want your party to be unique, so please place your order as soon as possible.

6) How much space do you need?

Since the units vary in size, please check the size listed for the set you want and then add 1.5 meters to its width and 7 meters to its length. If you can imagine two cars parked in your configuration location, there will most likely be enough room. Most two-car driveways will accommodate a 4 x 5-meter unit. If you have a very long yard, possibly some of the larger companies will fit as well. Don’t forget your roof clearance! You will need an area free of trees, telephone or power lines, etc., approximately 18-20 meters high.

7) What are the appropriate ages to use the inflatables?

Generally speaking, ages 2-12 years for the standard sizes. Some of the larger units may not be appropriate for children under four years old. Adult supervision is required for the duration of the event for the safety of the participants.

8) Does the fan require electricity, and what do I need to have?

Yes, the company will bring an extension cord, but you will need a standard 110V outlet near the installation area as the fan runs continuously to keep the game inflated and safe for children.


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