Different Kinds of Crystal Chandeliers that Dazzle its Onlookers

Different Kinds of Crystal Chandeliers that Dazzle its Onlookers


Since ages crystal chandeliers have been ruling in the arena of light fixtures and it will always be a leading selling chandelier forever. They add beauty, glamour and elegance to the place wherever they are installed, thus you find them as a favorite accessory of every well acclaimed interior decorator. You are planning to décor your home, then don’t miss to buy the crystal chandeliers.

Many home owners feel their entry way needs to be quite awesome to inspire their guests. Then their right choice is to buy crystal chandelier for foyer. A single chandelier bought from popular online sellers of chandeliers like the Sofary will fulfill the desire of illuminating brightly your home entrance with ease. To dazzle yourself while viewing the best options of theirs in staircase chandeliers you just need to visit their website https://www.sofary.com/collections/staircase-chandelier.

Few popular ranking modern yet classic looking crystal chandeliers:

  • Small and cute looking spherical chandelier: This crystal chandelier is quite often used in decorating bedrooms, small living rooms and even hanged over dining table. It resembles a cluster of lamps shaped in a ball form to provide the modern contemporary look to your rooms.
  • Raindrop crystal chandelier: Yes, they are the replica of raindrops hanging from spherical, rectangular or square shaped base. The crystal-clear mirror small sized balls are arranged in spherical layers to resemble rain fall. A great way to décor your foyer and living room space. They are the best pick to be hanged from heighted ceilings.
  • Starlight chandelier: These small size chandeliers are shaped likes a firework burst, thus apt to brighten small compact rooms. You can even install them in your bathroom or in kitchen centre ceiling space.
  • Striking chandeliers: These illumine fixtures are designed similar to big drops of water thus the crystals are able to add more brightness to the room. Most of them are handmade and seems to be like pendant hanging from a great height. They hang from shining metal branches, thus quite durable and easy to maintain.
  • Modern crystal chandeliers: Now they are more in trend as they are adaptable to any kind of décor and have multi functions. They consume lesser energy as the numerous LED bulbs are quite small. The chandeliers are available in varied geometrical designs and some are designed using ecofriendly material.
  • Classic crystal chandeliers: They are still famous accessory to décor big cottages, farm houses and the long corridors of old homes. They are usually made of metals like bronze and copper providing sustainable support to the crystal designed to shade the small light fixtures.
  • Gold polished crystal chandelier. This is the best help to décor any room to boost up the elegant ambience look of it. The cluster of lights glitters like gold as they fall on translucent crystals and on yellow polished metal base.
  • Vintage crystal chandelier:  As the term suggests that the chandeliers are styled like vintage candle chandeliers. They are made of durable material polished to provide subtle sophisticated grand look that everyone imagines when it comes to crystal chandeliers.

Enjoy shopping for the best glitters of crystal chandeliers and love their glamour look forever.


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