Effective Ways to Choose the Best Press Release Package for Your Business

Effective Ways to Choose the Best Press Release Package for Your Business


“Which service will work for you the best?” This is an extremely difficult question. If you ask someone even a successful businessman, they can only give you suggestions but no certain answers. Depending on your business domain this answer will vary. So hone your research skills to get the best results for your business. Yet, there are parameters that you can set based on which you can determine your PR distributor.

1. Cost

When it comes to expenses make sure the press release package is cost effective for your business. There are several press release distribution sites that offer a wide range of distribution at very considerable prices. From $50 to $500 or more, the range will vary. And you will choose whatever is best for you at this moment.

2. List of Media Outlets

Depending on the price you pay, there will be a number of sites that will carry your PR. And you need to look which are the sites on which your PR is getting placed. Make sure, that your PR Company covers major search engine newswire sites including – Google News, Yahoo, Bing, and Apple News sites for maximum effects.

3. Distribution Range

For budding companies, it is essential that apart from international exposure they should have local and national distribution mostly. So, while you are hunting for a good PR distribution site look for national and international sites for better benefits.

4. Target Audience

Distribution range is important because the PR should reach its target audience. To reach its target audience, you need to know the following factors:

  • Local, regional, and national audience
  • Multicultural markets (e.g. African-Asian audiences)
  • Specific industries (e.g. Clothing)
  • International (e.g. American audiences)

And based on these parameters your PR agency will work to get maximum results. This is a great way to target and attain the best possible results.

5. Added Features

Added features come in handy when used well. The added services should help your distribution and will help you get thriving results for your PR distribution.

  • Interactive and Customizable Content
  • Images and multimedia inclusion options
  • Social Media Distribution
  • Client-handling File
  • More additional services

The first two options would be the prime things that you should look for. If the other options are available then good otherwise you can still get a great PR distribution. 

6. Customer Support

The service provider should have a prompt and strong customer support team. Look for a 24/7 customer support option while looking for a good PR distributor. You could try and communicate with that customer support team to judge their prompt responsive nature, and whether you are satisfied with them or not.

7. Reporting

You should also check what sort of reporting your provider offers. You would need a reporting system that will measure the success of your brand’s content promotion and PR distribution efforts. Reporting should be a part of your PR package. It will provide actionable information and metrics that will help you to judge the effectiveness of the PR campaign. 

8. Search Visibility

One of the most beneficial aspects of PR distribution is its SEO benefits, and if you too want to have thriving results then you should look for good SEO sites with all the above-mentioned traits to make your PR campaign a brilliant success.

9. User Experience 

Reading the review,may it sound tedious but reading the review and clients’ experiences might open your eyes. The services might seem perfect on paper but to know whether it delivers the promised effectively or not can only be found in the review section.

The benefits of a press release are far-fetched and widely effective if you choose the correct partner. This can also be the beginning of a long-lasting tie-up and it should be if you have found the perfect PR distributor to carry out all of your upcoming releases as well.


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