How to Calculate the Amount of Timber Required for Building a Fence?

How to Calculate the Amount of Timber Required for Building a Fence?


One of the most important challenges of building a fence in your garden or yard isn’t erection the fence or making certain that you just have secure posts in situ, however rather what proportion timber to shop for within the 1st place. The challenge here isn’t a straightforward matter of mensuration the length of the area wherever your fence can go as every variety of timber fencing options differing types of panels and slats, yet as having differing types of spacing between every bit of timber.

The reason why this is often thus necessary is that if you fail to shop for enough timber fencing for your fence then you’re getting to run the chance of getting to prevent mid-job and head all the way down to the timber yard to induce additional provides, a hard task that isn’t necessary and can set the duty back. If after all, you have got bought an excessive amount of timber then you’re getting to be left overstocked and out of pocket, therefore the importance of obtaining the proper quantity.

Timber selection

The type of timber that you just area unit getting to use are going to be necessary to make your mind up 1st, because the natural cuts of various timber choices will vary. Naturally, you may get one thing custom created however which will incur higher prices, thus it’s best to induce pre-cut fence slats. Your timber selection can come back all the way down to the value, the sturdiness, the color and its resistance, create this selection 1st.

Fencing vogue

The style during which you’re getting to erect your fencing will have an impact on what proportion wood you wish. If for instance, you would like to area the fencing out with little gaps middle, then you may have to be compelled to ascertain however massive you wish the gaps to be so issue that into your calculations. If on the opposite hand, you propose to possess a completely closed fence, you may want sufficient timber to fill the area.


The height are going to be another necessary issue here because it may perhaps be that one piece of fencing can be halved, so used for 2 slats of atiny low fence, if this is often the case then the length are going to be halved once shrewd what proportion timber is needed.

Watch Outs

Ultimately this is often a calculation that is predicated on the length of the fence, removing the air gaps and conjointly removing the gate that you’ll be shopping for. it’s necessary to continually look to feature 100 percent onto no matter your calculation is as this can cowl you for waste and for any mistakes that you’ll create, a broken piece of timber for instance. there’s nothing wrong with having an excessive amount of, as long because it is simply a minor quantity.

Another good thing to recollect if you’re putting in panels is that variety|the amount|the quantity} you may want goes to be constant because the number of posts that you need, these are going to be at a distance of eight feet wherever potential. These area unit the most affordable in terms of timber costs however it’ll, of course, rely on what vogue you’re trying to find.

Use a 100-foot tapeline and continually bear in mind to try to to those calculations variety of times before deciding, and evoke facilitate if you wish it.


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