Lacking Healthy Routine Because of Busy Schedule? Ideal Eating Habits for Workaholics!

Lacking Healthy Routine Because of Busy Schedule? Ideal Eating Habits for Workaholics!


Getting up at the crack of dawn and hopping out with just a glass of milk, swimming in those endless cups of coffee and grabbing a sandwich at a break! Not to forget a late-night hearty dinner after tummy growling like bear for hours, and then falling asleep instantly! This results in another sick leave and the mountain of work getting bigger with days!

 Hey, we know you are busy, and you work like hell, trying your best to juggle all spheres of your life! But, if that’s the lifestyle you lead, are you sure your health shall permit to perform? Aren’t you scared to be hospitalised due to this lifestyle? To be practical, the chances of the same are 8 on 10 for you! We agree — work is important, but so is health! If you ignore the timely requirements of your body, even your work suffers at the end of the day!

Ø  Ways to manage your diet while being busy!

So you are sure you couldn’t manage ample time for proper meals at the desired intervals needed for a healthy lifestyle? Fine, let’s twist the situation and inculcate some eating habits which are easy to follow, doesn’t push your time more and (guess what!) keep your nutrition and calories well maintained! Couldn’t believe us? Read on!

 o   Simple yet rich breakfast — When you are advised to have your breakfast like a king, ensure you do the same! But time doesn’t permit, right? Got a fabulous solution for you! Include a different kind of fruit in your morning meal each day.  Complement it with a dairy item — either milk or yogurt and you’re done! You are going to be full, totally nourished. And such meal needs no prep time either!

o   Drink lots of water — One of the most underrated things in a workaholic’s life is water consumption! You just can’t ignore the need of H2O in your life, and need to have it in proper proportions to stay fit and fine! Always keep a bottle full of water with you, and ensure sipping it in short intervals and after every act (like – driving, walking, finishing a task in hand, after meeting etc.).

 o   Skip the coffee — opt for juice — Fresh juices are life! They are succulent, light on tummy and give you all the vigour and freshness you need! Skip those unnecessary endless cups of coffee, and have a fresh glass of juice once or twice instead.

 Habit of healthy snacking — We know you had a light lunch of salads (most recommended) in a hurry and you still have a meeting to catch up to or a project to look after. But don’t skip a snack. You can enjoy and have it on the go!  It’s amazing how healthy and tasty snacks from Nibble Bags are so delectable, and provide a considerably good amount of nutrition to you as well! What’s best? They come pre-packed – so you can simply grab and go! Totally a win-win situation!

o   Wise choice for timely dinner — After a busy day grabbing some nutrition here and there between tasks, you just couldn’t go to bed without proper food. Plan a healthy meal for dinner and ensure you finish your meal a couple of hours before you hit the bed!

These steps prove that healthy eating is possible even with a haphazard lifestyle! Just twist your eating habits to bring your health on the right track!


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