What Is A Smart Drug? How Does It Work?

What Is A Smart Drug? How Does It Work?


Nootropics are mood and cognitive improving supplements, which are sold over the counter. They support a healthy mood, improve verbal recall and memory, alertness and mental speed, and minimize brain fog without caffeine stimulation. These are available as dietary supplements and you can buy them in pill forms. They can influence the brain neurotransmitter, GABA. It puts a break in your anxiety and emotions. You can find natural nootropics in food. Natural as well as artificial nootropics are found in liquids, powders, and pills-tablets, capsules, caplets, softgels, and chewable. Powders are the best way if you want flexible dosages at a low cost.

Nootropics pills can save you plenty of time when you need smaller dosages. People combine ingredients in a stack. Stacking is a process that combines different nootropics with an objective to synergize and compound separate bioactivities for a higher brain-boosting effect. Usually, nootropic stack supplements combine effective nootropics for producing superior brain results. The best nootropic supplement shall remain true to the primary definition without any risks and side effects by improving the overall health of the brain. The Alpha GPC, an effective nootropic can be used for enhancing the cognitive function of the brain.

What is Alpha GPC?

Alpha GPC can help in neuroprotective activities. This compound comprises of choline and glycerophosphate. It is a natural compound and it can work properly with other nootropics. This compound works quickly and it can deliver choline to the brain. It enhances acetylcholine production together with cell membrane phospholipids. This compound might enhance the release of calcium and dopamine. It has several benefits and one of the biggest benefits is the ability to improve brain cognition and health. Alpha GPC can improve learning ability and improve memory formation. It restores memory in certain situations. Additionally, it can increase dopamine levels that can impact the functioning of the brain greatly.

Many studies have been conducted in the past several years with the ability of this supplement for treating Alzheimer’s disease. According to one study, it improves the acetylcholine levels in the brain. Acetylcholine is related with improved cognition and enhanced brain function. One study has revealed that people suffering from hypertension can use it to reduce inflammation in the brain’s blood vessels thus, resulting in improved brain function. As per research, people suffering from Alzheimer’s can be benefitted if they take it daily. The dosage should be taken for 3-6 months duration and it can improve the thinking skills significantly.

The dosages of phosphatidylserine

In adults, the standard phosphatidylserine dosage is 100 mg that should be taken thrice daily and a total dosage of 300 mg is effective and safe to prevent cognitive decline.

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Though the appropriate dosage might differ according to condition and age, the lower dosages have been proved effective for many people. The dosages of non-elderly and healthy people are 200-400 mg. Though phosphatidylserine benefits are many, it is always a good practice to begin with the lowest dosage, and increase it when needed. Breastfeeding or pregnant women must consult their doctors before taking this compound.


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