8 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Office

8 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Office


In many cases, we’ve spent a longer than we normally do at our homes office during the last couple of months. Even as offices are getting ready to open the idea of working from home is now an accepted norm.

All that said it’s only natural to create an environment you would like to work from your home. It should be one that encourages creativity , and is functional and comfortable.

We’ve provided a few important modifications you can make to your WFH workspace to make your day even more enjoyable.

It’s The Star Of The Show

The desk of an office at home is definitely the center of attention. It’s the place where magic happens, which is why it’s crucial to do it done right.

In the first place, there is the issue of the dimensions and size of your desk. If you’d like the desk to take up the entire area of a space, or sit in front of the window or in an area that is corner. It is important to measure a desk prior to buying it to ensure it doesn’t clog or obstruct an area.

The height of your desk is essential, so that it can be paired with a suitable chair. Make sure you sit comfortably to avoid ending having a backache.

If you live in a smaller house or apartment It could be that the home office space is a space within the lounge. If that’s the situation then you should consider floating desks that are attached on the wall or in the shelving unit. It is possible to put it away at the end of the day and not have your desk in your living space.

Be Sure to Clear

It’s a simple one, yet it is often be neglected. When you work at home, you can be a great way to bring extra items in the process. From notebooks to stationary and even documents.

A messy home office won’t aid in encouraging creativity or clear thought. It is therefore vital to get smart and easy storage options.

Wall shelving and a desk are the safest places to store your stuff, however there are many more innovative ideas which can be utilized as an accent for the interior. Vertical space can be an excellent way to reduce clutter and make the most of the spaces you can make use of.

You can hang a cork and wire meshboard to the wall. This can be used to hang important documents or to create a productive wall art piece to display your latest work. You can even pin mini baskets to hold your mobile notebook and phone when you are not using it.

You could even incorporate vintage-style pouffes or ottoman footstool which serves as an ottoman. It is a simple way to give your home a stylish and comfortable look and also store the clutter

To find more ideas for storage that are innovative outside of your office, take a look at our blog post on creative ways to get rid of clutter here.

Some Softness Underfoot

The most important thing for an office at home is that it’s an effective space that will help you work better. But, your comfort is just as crucial and is not an aspect to be neglected.

Custom logo rugs for your office space is an easy method to provide a soft surface without having to redesign the whole area. It’s a great way to bring a bit of color and imagination to an area that might be confined to a few decorations.

Rugs like this Abstract Prismatic rug is an effective method to add some character to a space without feeling overwhelmed by the busy colors in a space which is sho

In the same way, if your office is situated in the part of a different room carpeting can be a great way in dividing the space and draw distinct boundaries from office space to living spaces.

Bright It Up

In the office at home lighting is an aspect that should be considered very carefully. Natural light is the most effective option when it is available. But many office spaces do not have windows, and in winter , the amount of sunlight available is very limited.

Although some might think an bright desk lamp is the most effective option but this could result in an unnatural or bright illumination. It is functional, but does not add comfort to the room.

The use of a variety of lighting options in conjunction can provide a relaxing atmosphere at your home office. If you have a office space, you will require lighting that lets you be able to see what you’re working on, however more gentle lighting is always a good idea.

The best method to diffuse light would be to employ something that diffuses it. It could be a fabric lamp shade or even the rounded glass shade.

Make sure that when you set your lighting up, you put it in a safe place. You must ensure that you don’t get unpleasant shadows that cast onto your desk. In addition keep in mind that a light that is directly behind you could cause an unpleasant glare to your screen.

To avoid annoying shadows, you can create your lighting choices with lighting accents like fairy lights or other decorative designs. These are fixtures that enhance the look of the room, but and not be the primary source of illumination.

Let Some Colour

Color can be a fantastic way to inject some creativity to a room. When it comes to color designs, it’s all dependent on your personal preferences.

Utilizing colors like blue, green or purple can be a wonderful option to inject some tranquil into your space when you are working in a fast-paced, chaotic job.

If your work is focused on creativity printing and patterns could be a great way to stimulate and inspire your brain. You can also pick the colors of accents that are in line with the overall theme or the logo of your business to connect the space to your daily.

Utilizing posters such as pop art styles or abstract watercolors could be a great method to add hue without painting or embellish. This could be beneficial to create a more compact space for a home office.

You can opt for a minimalist office look with a pop of hue with the use of the use of decorative baskets, vases, or lamps.

Green Green

Like always the plants and flowers are essential to an office space. They can help clean the air, ensuring that your workplace isn’t humid, and greenery has been proven to increase productivity and satisfaction of employees by 15 percent!

If you’re living in small space, trails of plants can be the appearance of a space , while also adding some green. String of hearts plants are an ideal choice for this kind of arrangement.

To plant potted plants at your desk, pick plants like an lily of peace, a snake plant, or spider plant. They require little care and aren’t fussy about lighting, but are effective in bringing oxygen to the room.

If it seems too much to do on the top of all your other activities, then purchasing Cactus’ or high-quality imitations is an alternative.

Comfort Is Key

Without a ten-minute coffee breaks with colleagues working from home could make breaks very few and far between. Even at lunch, it’s typical to be in the same place throughout the day.

It’s bad for your mental well-being and productivity. Set up a separate space in your home office , where you can enjoy lunch or take an unwind. It should be a place that isn’t on your desk.

If you have space to spare, you can incorporate an armchair or a sofa to the room. It instantly creates an airy and polished look, as well as an ideal and cozy break-out space.

If you’re confined to space, consider using something like an ottoman which can be moved around and kept away when not being used. You can also take a seat in to really take a break and recharge after lunch.

the Finishing Touches

If you’re thinking of setting up your home office, don’t overlook that it’s not just an office, but it’s also a room within your home. Little changes can make to make it more comfortable and inviting and not just an office space that you use to work in.

The addition of curtains is an effective way to frame the space, and also add the feeling of. In winter months , they can provide warmth, so that your fingers don’t turn blue as you type away.

We are in love with the draped curtains made of wandle by Morris & Co to give that final finish. It’s neutral, so it won’t overpower the office space in your home, while also adding some flair by incorporating a delicate print.

What are your thoughts?

We hope that we’ve managed to give you some required ideas for your home office.

Tell us in the comments your interior working from home design style!


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