Dave Highbloom Provides an Overview of OfficePartners360 Health and Safety Program and Its Survey About COVID-19 Hesitancy

Dave Highbloom Provides an Overview of OfficePartners360 Health and Safety Program and Its Survey About COVID-19 Hesitancy


OfficePartners360 is a leading provider of customer experience solutions that range from live chat to phone calls, social media posts, and email. Currently, it has beefed up its efforts to prioritize the safety and health of its employees.

According to Chief Administrative Officer at OP360, Dave Highbloom, the company has launched a unique corporate package for telecommuting. This enhances support for employees who are working from home. The organization is subsidizing the monthly charges for the Internet plan so that employees can continue to work remotely with the wired internet. OP360 also provides subsidized point-to-point shuttles for its workers onsite.

Besides the above, more certified Safety and Health Officers have become part of this innovative endeavor. The company has created monthly themes programs to address diverse health and safety hazards. For example, March was dedicated to fire safety, and the company launched an information drive and training on the types of fires, fire safety tips, methods for fire suppression, and the different types of fire hydrants.

In the meanwhile, OP360 administered a survey internally on whether different communities were open to biking. It rolled out a safety campaign during April’s Road Safety Month with the year’s major emphasis on bike safety. To celebrate motherhood, OP360 hailed May as the Maternal Health Month to raise awareness on prenatal and postpartum care, especially at the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Besides, OP360 staff  have also been certified by The Philippine Red Cross as first aiders while supporting onsite staff in the field of healthcare in the event of emergencies.

COVID-19 vaccination survey

OfficePartners360 recently conducted a survey to determine and address the vaccine hesitancy at the workplace for COVID-19. As per its results, 69% of the respondents of this survey were hesitant to get the vaccine. In order to address the above, the OP360 launched a COVID-19 Vaccination Information Bulletin to break myths and encourage vaccination.

The company went into a partnership with Project BalikBuhay and the Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas for registering employees for the free vaccine against COVID-19. Other private companies have joined this public-private partnership that is unique to Cebu City in the Philippines.

Measures for COVID-19 prevention and control

Due to the above results, 640 OP360 employees have registered for vaccination till now. This count is 48% more than expected based on the original survey for the vaccine.

Dave Highbloom says that the Safety & Health Team of OP360 will coordinate the rollout of the vaccine. The company is waiting for the final vaccination schedule and the site’s assignment for the vaccine. He states that priority will be given to employees registered with comorbidities as per the National Vaccination Guidelines. A second round for vaccine registration has already been scheduled to cater to additional employees in the company.

Besides the above, the company is encouraging its employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and enforce stringent prevention and control measures across the nation. It exceeds the mandates of the government agencies like the Philippine Departments of Health, Labor and Employment, and Trade and Industry.


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