CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum: Which One Is Better For You?

CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum: Which One Is Better For You?


CBD oil has gained a lot of popularity recently owing to its versatility in usage. People are coming up with more and more innovative products using CBD oil as its main ingredient. You can get CBD extracts in your favourite gummies, coffee, and chocolates now.

The global market for both CBD isolate and CBD full spectrum oil has seen a huge inflation since 2018. This is because hemp derived CBD has been legalized in many states around the globe because of its low THC concentration; making is non-psychoactive. CBD produced from marijuana plants are on the other hand still illegal because of high THC content.

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CBD oil product spectrum

The amount of diversity seen in the market of consumers for CBD oil, similar diversity is also seen in the ways CBD is consumed through different innovative products. This brings along a lot of confusion as to which products one should buy especially if he/she is a beginner to using CBD oil for health benefits.

Let us elaborate how does the two most common spectrum of cannabidiol differs from each other:

1. Full Spectrum:

  • This product is mostly produced industrially by CO2 extraction method.
  • This compound contains a wide spectrum of cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant with additional substances such as terpenes and other flavonoids.
  • It is believed that the entourage effect of all these substances in the full spectrum CBD makes it much more potent as far its therapeutic properties are concerned.
  • Its THC content is still lesser than the allowance percentage, 0.3% and is thus non-psychoactive.
  • It has shown promising results in alleviating chronic pain of many CBD users.
  • The only downside to full spectrum CBD is its bitter taste.

2. Isolate:

  • It is a highly pure form of cannabidiol and is free from terpenes, flavonoids, and other range of cannabinoids in them.
  • It is a THC free product as even miniscule quantities of THC are removed when we are extracting CBD for the production of isolate.
  • It is usually available in the market as a powder or in its crystalline form.
  • If you want to completely stay away from any psychoactive substance in a product; isolate must be the right choice for you.
  • It does not hamper your drug screening test results in any way.
  • The isolate powder can be added to your food without worrying about taste or smell alterations.
  • The chances of going wrong with the dosage are very less because of the purity of the product.

While the list of health benefits we receive from CBD is endless; we should always consult our physicians if we are looking for products to cure certain diseases or other inflammatory conditions in our body. Every product works differently on everyone and we must ensure that we are consuming and its dosage is safe for us.


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