5 strategies for an effective amazon marketing

5 strategies for an effective amazon marketing


Amazon is considered to be one of the fastest and largest growing online marketplaces. It was not much time ago that Amazon just appeared to be another of the E-Commerce channels where brands tapped into for marketing their products. But now, with Amazon, any seller is able to reach millions of engaged buyers. Planning some really attractive and cool marketing strategies through an amazon marketing agency and executing them correctly, will help you to become one of the most successful sellers.

Here are five tactics of Amazon marketing that can help you to reach your target audience and to make good profits.

Optimization of the products for Amazon SEO

Besides being an E-Commerce site, Amazon itself functions as a search engine. The most relevant products are generated by Amazon when the customers input the keywords in the search bar and the relevant products as shown based on the filters and keywords. SEO optimization will ensure that all your listings appear on the top portion of the search results.

Applying Proper Advertising techniques

You can advertise your products through Amazon for bringing them in front of users who might not have seen them on their own. You can use any one from the three kinds of Amazon advertisements listed below:

  • Display Ads: Through the cost-per-click ads or CPC, your products would be displayed on Amazon app and website along with some other apps or websites. Using some customized ads through your amazon marketing agency will help to draw users to your Amazon product page or Store.
  • Product Display Ads: The insanely famous pay-per-click or Amazon PPC will help you to appear virtually everywhere by displaying your products which shall get you a relatively high rate of conversion.
  • Sponsored brand Ads: By featuring a logo or headline for your product, through the sponsored brand ads will make you be found on the search page, thus popularizing your brand.

Taking help of the Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketing program is offered by Amazon which lets the website owners advertise their products from Amazon on their own websites. When the customers click on those links and then get a product from them, the website owners will be earning a particular percentage as commission.

Any reliable amazon marketing agency is able to use this marketing trend perfectly, for getting you a completely new set of customers besides directing the new traffic to your Amazon Store, as your products would be featured on various other websites.

Using third party advertising mediums

You can definitely use third party advertising platforms for increasing your conversion and click through rates. You can take the advantage of Google ads to use their features like email marketing and retargeting.

Some social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram would be also so great they are the major players. Through the paid ads platform provided by Facebook, you can push some new probable customers to your Amazon Products.

Growing high quality customer reviews

The most interesting feature used by an amazon marketing agency is the customer review section. After reading the product description, a potential buyer always tends to verify the product through the top product reviews. So, you can try to get some positive reviews in order to boost their popularity. For getting some good reviews you can try providing special discounts, give out free products or season sales, and it would turn to be a win-win situation as who doesn’t love to get free products!

Amazon is only getting bigger so don’t forget to use proper marketing strategies and you can learn more by clicking over here. Do use the techniques for getting advantage of the huge user market of Amazon and to generate steady growth in your business.


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