Expert SEO Advice for Plumbers in San Diego

Expert SEO Advice for Plumbers in San Diego


When it comes to advertising a plumbing business online, one can’t go wrong with SEO. Take advice from top SEO companies San Diego. Search engine optimization is when a business tweaks and configures its website to bring in organic search traffic from search engines like Google, and Bing. The reason this traffic is so valuable is the fact that these people are actively searching for a plumbing business to solve their problems. This being the case, here are several tips that every plumbing business is getting by partnering with top SEO companies San Diego and beyond should be following on their website.

Sites Should Be Mobile Friendly

In an effort to give their users the best experience possible, search engines like Google are giving greater priority to mobile-friendly sites. The reason for this is pretty obvious; most people are accessing the Internet through mobile devices these days. This means that desktop-only sites will look terrible on a mobile device. Google wants to keep this from happening, and will instead recommend sites that are mobile-friendly.

Any business, plumbing or otherwise, should upgrade their site to make it mobile-friendly ASAP if it isn’t already. Any site that isn’t mobile-friendly will be penalized, and the business will lose out on tons of money and customers that could have been theirs if they had just upgraded their site.

2 Intuitive Site Navigation

A website should be easy to navigate in addition to being mobile-friendly. Believe it or not, Google and other search engines can figure out how well a site’s navigation works and will then penalize sites that have poor navigation.

To improve a site’s navigation, there should always be the basics such as a nav bar up top. and the ability to go back to the main page by clicking the top banner or logo. Sidebars can also work as well for categories, comments, and popular posts. Also, having an intuitive and functional internal linking structure is a big factor as well. There should be no dead ends, and all links should make sense and have appropriate anchor text.

3 Links from External Sites

Most people know about on-page SEO, which is the keywords used on each page of a website to tell the search engines what phrases it should be ranked for, such as “best San Diego plumber,” or “fix leak San Diego.” External links back to the main site are known as off-page SEO and can give a site a really big boost in the rankings.

The key to making external links count is to make sure they’re coming from high-authority sites. One high-authority link can be worth many low-authority links, so it’s more efficient to focus on them. Getting backlinks can be done by guest blogging, paid ads, and other methods.

4 Hiring an SEO Firm

If a business is really stumped when it comes to SEO, they can always hire the top SEO companies San Diego has to offer. This will give them a variety of advantages such as the fact that the company can work on an ongoing basis to keep the SEO updated regarding any changes that Google and other search engines may make to their algorithms.

In any case, the top SEO companies San Diego has to offer will be happy to help ensure that a local plumbing company gains a distinct advantage over their competition through the use of local SEO tactics and other intuitive strategies. Any company that’s running a local business should look into hiring the pros to help them if they find that it’s too expensive to do the SEO themselves in-house. This can lead to more revenue and greater profit margins


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