Road Safety Tips and advice

Road Safety Tips and advice


Road safety is vital as accidents on the roads are one of the leading causes of death. It is vital that everyone has traffic awareness and is aware of all road safety rules, as there are more vehicles on the roads every hour.The Safer Drivers Course prepares learner drivers to make the transition from supervised driving to driving alone .This course is for learners who have accumulated significant driving experience.

Road Safety Rules for Children

Know your safety signals

Your child should be familiar with basic traffic signals such as the vehicles must stop at the red light and the green signal that the vehicle can continue driving. This will allow them to understand that once vehicles have stopped, they can cross the road.

Safety Rules for Crossing the Road

Look, Stop, and Cross- Sometimes your child will have to walk alone on a public street. He should be aware that he must first lookout for approaching vehicles before crossing the street. He should only cross the road at red lights if there are traffic signals.

Pay attention to warnings and always pay attention

Pay attention – Encourage your children to listen to the horns and other sounds so they can tell if a car or motorcycle is coming towards them from behind or around a bend.

Do not run on busy roads and cross the road.

Do Not Run on Roads – Children shouldn’t run on roads. This could cause them to lose their balance or fall on busy streets, and also confuse other road-users who may end up colliding.

Always use the Sidewalk

When walking on the streets, children should use a sidewalk (footpath). You can set an example by walking on the paths.

Crossroads & Pedestrian Crossing – Children tend to run or walk across streets, wherever they want to. This can be dangerous so children should be told not to crossroads unless they are crossing on a pedestrian crossing or when there is a red light.

Do not use your hands to drive the vehicle.

Children often throw their hands out of school buses, sometimes even their heads. This is risky and should be discouraged.

Avoid blind spots

Never Cross Road at Bends – Many motorists are blind to the curves and may not be able to see your child crossing the road. Children should not cross the road at bends.

Safety on a Bicycle: Your child should not ride a bicycle fast or wear a helmet. He should also ensure that the bicycle is in good shape and that it is always ridden in a designated bicycle lane. If the bicycle lane doesn’t exist, he should use the left-most lane.

How to Stay Safe in a Moving Vehicle – A child should always be wearing a belt and not stand up or disturb the driver while riding in a moving vehicle.

Safety when getting in and out of vehicles

Never getoff the Bus at the Curb Side – To avoid any collisions with moving vehicles, always get off the bus at the curbside.

Do not open your car door suddenly. There might be another vehicle behind you and suddenly opening the door could cause it to crash into it.

Do not multitask while walking on roads.

Always wear dark clothes when you go out at night. You must be visible to vehicle drivers from a reasonable distance.

Keep your eyes on the road and pay attention to the surrounding environment. Do not multitask.

Crossing the Road Only at Zebra Crossings

Remember that pedestrians have the right-of-way at pedestrian crossings and zebra crossings. Children should also use them to crossroads when cars have stopped at red lights. Do not play, run or run at bus stops.


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