Steven Rindner Talks About The Incredible Lessons Derived From Marathon Training

Steven Rindner Talks About The Incredible Lessons Derived From Marathon Training


The popularity of running a marathon has increased quite a bit over the years across the world. Nowadays, one can commonly witness people of diverse ages taking part in marathons to support various causes or to simply improve their well-being. Steven Rindner mentions that choosing to run a marathon can benefit people in several ways, and would especially be great for improving the health of a person. He also stresses upon the fact that there are several skills one can hone during marathon training, which invariably helps them while running a business.

Training for a marathon involves a great deal of mental performance and skills, much like running a business. Both of them are high-pressure environments that can be incredibly taxing, but ultimately be quite rewarding if done efficiently. Steven Rindner says both marathons and businesses are heavily reliant on certain core mental skills of a person, and hence training for a marathon can invariably help entrepreneurs to become better businessmen. Steven is quite a well-established and experienced business management professional, and running marathons have proven to be a great learning ground for him. While running marathons, he had thoughtfully adopted methods and strategies that would enhance his performance on the tracks by keeping him fit and protecting from injuries. By integrating his strategic skills into the corporate world, Steven has managed to transform the fortunes of companies that he has worked with.

Here are some of the valuable marathon training skills that can be used for business as per Steven Rindner:

  • Optimism: Success in any discipline, whether it is sports or business, tends to be linked to a positive mind-set. Completing a marathon is not easy, especially for first-timers. However, if they just focus on enjoying running, instead of winning the marathon, their chances of completing it efficiently would definitely increase. If people try not to focus on the end goal and the achievement, be it money or a finishing time, it would take a huge burden from their shoulders. The lack of pressure to perform would help them to slowly, but surely work towards the end goal instead of stopping in the middle while being exhausted.
  • Self motivation: Creating goals during marathon training and working towards them can be quite helpful in motivating oneself. Running a marathon is extremely strenuous, and self motivation is needed to keep oneself going. Self-motivation is also a prerequisite when running a business. Entrepreneurs need to plan for their business, taking into consideration both short term and long term goals, and be motivated enough to achieve their targets, learn new skills and seek fresh information.

Steven Rindner additionally mentions that all people must be knowledgeable about when to keep their emotions in check. Whether it is on the race track or a board room, a calm head tends to be the most desirable mental state.


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