What does Delta airlines’ name change policy actually do?

What does Delta airlines’ name change policy actually do?


If you are a frequent air traveller, you might have booked your ticket at some point with Delta Airlines. If you did, you already know how peculiar it is about the passenger’s name on the ticket. If the name on your ticket and your government-issued ID does not match, you will not be allowed to board the flight. And, it’s a sad scenario that you never want to face. Therefore, you should know about an extraordinary policy developed by the airline which is Delta Airlines Name Change Policy. It’s also famous as a name correction policy. So, what does this policy exactly do? To know this, keep reading…

Features of delta airlines name correction policy 

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy is an extraordinary policy developed by Delta Airlines that makes it easier for its flyers to make ticket name changes- minor and major for a great travelling experience.

Cost of delta airline name changes

The travellers have to submit their name change request within 24 hours of flight ticket booking. This way, they can save their money on account of name change fee. Is it possible to make corrections after these 24 hours get over? Yes, but at a certain cost. You have to pay a fee between $75-$200 to confirm Delta Airline Name change on ticket. However, the exact fee amount will be informed to you by the reservations department depending on the various factors such as departure time, type of name change, type of fare, destination, etc.

Type of delta ticket name changes 

Delta Airlines name correction policy permits its customers to make name changes when there is any spelling or typing error. Such minor errors of up to 3 characters are subject to change and can be corrected at the official website online for free. However, if anyone need to change their last name because they have recently got married or divorced, they will need to submit a legal proof of their valid name like marriage certificate or divorce agreement. Similarly, for name change after adoption, legal documents are requirement for verification of the name. Such minor name changes will cost you money. And, you have to get in touch with the customer care department to submit your request and confirm the changes. The representative will inform you about the fee.

Procedure of making name change under delta airline name change policy

You can make name changes under this policy by three ways:

  • Online at Delta Airlines website
  • Calling Customer Care Department
  • Visiting Airport Kiosk

Hence, it’s now possible to make minor and major name changes on Delta tickets with the help of the Delta Airlines name correction policy.


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