What is the history of diamonds and engagement rings

What is the history of diamonds and engagement rings


Diamonds are traditional stones which are universally accepted. There are many types of diamonds. They are available in different sizes and colours. Diamonds represent love, perfection and purity. People all over the globe are fascinated with diamonds. People feel it as a status symbol to own diamonds. There are few people would like to collect diamonds. They are one of the most recognised and in demand stone all over the world. People would like to buy diamonds or valuable stones which suites them and which would look good on them. There are few people who would buy diamond as they feel it is auspicious. Diamonds are mostly preferred to be in the form of wedding rings or engagement rings. People also prefer to wear diamond earrings which give an elegant look.

They are very precious and beautiful stone hence people would like to have it in their rings on their best memorable moment. These diamonds are created through a series of natural events. They turn ancient elements carbon into the world’s best gemstone. The molten flows of volcanic lava which is deep beneath the earth’s crust has pure carbon crystallized at the high temperature and pressures of the earths surfaces forms the diamonds. Not all of these stones are suitable for making jewels. Very few gemstone quality would be precious and would be certified as pure diamonds. They are different sizes and shapes of the stones. Hence it would require proper cutting to give it the desired shape and design. Its an art and a science of cutting diamond in the required shape without damaging the stone. In earlier days diamond cutting used to be limited as they didn’t have the right technology or equipment’s. Now a days with the advanced technology it is easy to customise and prepare different ornaments as per the customers choice. However the cost of the diamonds would be high as it is a precious stone and highly in demand in all seasons.The more bigger the size of the diamond the more expensive the stone would cost. https://www.shjewellery.com.au/collections/engagement-rings is one of the best sites from where we  can opt to purchase jewels. It is one of the best sites which provides reputed and genuine products. Diamond rings are a symbol of love and affection hence people prefer to exchange diamond rings during their engagement or wedding ceremony. There are different designs and shapes of diamond rings available.

Let’s see the different types of engagement rings:

.         Solitaire

·         Cluster

·         Pavé

·         Cathedral

·         Halo

·         Oval Halo

·         Shank and Split-Shank Style Ring


Rings are a sign of love and affection. People wear and exchange rings are they would like to cherish their most memorable and cherish able moments. People would buy diamond rings as per their budget. There are few people who will be fine to buy the costliest diamond as their wedding ring because it would be their lifelong memory and they would wear it always.


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