Importance of cleanup and disinfection of your property

Importance of cleanup and disinfection of your property


The recent pandemic, that is the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has shaken everyone in this world. As it is a newly discovered strain of the respiratory disease-causing coronavirus, there is a need to learn much about it. The most common mode of transmission of this virus from one person to another is via respiratory droplets if the distance between them is less than 6 feet.

Recent studies also indicate the spread of this virus through fomites because this virus can remain harmful for hours to days if it remains on the surfaces made of different materials. It can also remain in the air in which a person infected with coronavirus breathes but the exact duration of its viability is not yet known. So, it is very important to perform decontamination for coronavirus, both of surfaces and the air around the infected person.

As this virus mostly spreads through contact with an infected person, so in order to protect yourself from being infected, you need to practice social distancing; which means that you have to avoid getting in contact with other people who may be infected. The people who have a history of being in contact with someone infected with this virus, or those who have been tested positive, should go into social isolation; which would help prevent the spread of this disease.

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Some other steps that you can take to prevent yourself from getting infected with coronavirus include staying at home if you feel unwell, washing your hands with water and soap for at least 20 minutes regularly. Avoid touching your nose, mouth or eyes without first sanitizing them properly. Cover your face with a mask and hands with gloves and also cover your cough and sneeze with a tissue, mask or elbow. Call for medical help as early as possible if you feel a fever, have a cough or difficulty in breathing.

Other way to prevent the transmission and to limit the survival of the virus in your environment, is by cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning means to remove the impurities and microorganisms from a surface but does not mean killing them. So, it would just decrease the number of germs and the risk of their spread.

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On the other hand, disinfecting a surface means the use of permitted and registered chemical agents or disinfectants to kill the microorganisms on surfaces. So, after cleaning, if disinfection is done, it would further decrease the chance of transmission of this deadly virus.

As all this is so important to save yourself from this virus, you should get the help of professional cleanup services for the cleaning and disinfection of your property. Coronavirus cleanup pros are providing cleanup and disinfecting services through trained and certified workers. They have team of experienced technicians and their sanitizing is well registered by EPA.

If you have any bit of suspicion that your property, institute or facility has been contaminated with coronavirus, you can call them anytime health dept and they would respond to your call quickly and efficiently.


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