Dubai is no longer the off-post desert it used to be, with its skyscrapers, malls and many attractions. If you are planning a trip to Dubai soon, one of the first things to do on arrival will be to rent a car Dubai to be able to go through the traffic at your own convenience at any hour of the busy city.

Wondering which places to visit with your rented car when in Dubai? To know more about the famous destinations where you can drive on your rented car,

Burj Khalifa: Unless you are afraid of heights, this famous tallest building should be first on your itinerary list. Get your own rented luxury car, and enjoy the view of the lit-up city in the dead of the night. Cause a place like this, needs the fanciest rented car to do justice to your trip. It also houses the world’s tallest fountain among other things to behold.

Sheikh Zayed Road: How about making some good use of your rented car? Drive along the eight-lane highway with a breathtaking view of the skyscrapers, which also provides a cheaper alternative of the 360 degrees view of the Burj Khalifa with the Dubai World Trade Tower.

Jumeirah Beach: Coming to a sunny city, make the best use of the natural tan you can get. Drive down to Jumeirah Beach Road on your rented car, and explore the Arab irrigation system in the Majlis Gardens after soaking up in the sun.

Dubai Opera: If you are a sucker for theatre and concerts, this 2000 seat theatre should be on your bucket list. Since the place hosts some of the world’s best musicians, opera and other productions, you will do good to rent a car early-on instead of depending on the cab service in this busy location. You can reach the destination on time if the rental service is availed.

Alserkal Art District: For the art lovers out there, this place will be a complete delight. The district is spread into a number of established galleries from Green Art Gallery, The Third Line, Ayyam Gallery and more. Spread across this large landscape, it might get tedious to walk from one spot to another; hailing cabs can hardly be considered a practical solution. Hence, best cities to visit in spain ease the trouble with your very own rented car, which are available all over the city for as long as you desire.

The city now has something for everybody, growing into a hotspot tourist attraction. Just fly down and get your own rented car, and be ready for a vacation filled with activity or leisure, whichever you prefer. With the new rules in place, you do not have to worry about self-isolating yourself for two weeks either. Get yourself a fancy car or a regular one, the best way to drive in Dubai is by getting your own rental vehicle.


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