Tips to Paraphrase and Summarize Content

Tips to Paraphrase and Summarize Content


When writing at university, you must incorporate ideas from other authors in your writing.

Paraphrasing is the simplest way


  • Modification to sentence structure

Modify the sentence structure

  1. To confirm your understanding of the main ideas, read the first text multiple times.
  2. Search for words and phrases that can be changed.
  3. Compare what you’ve written to the original text.

Paraphrased words can be replaced with synonyms

It is easy to identify the text once someone has traced it directly.

  1. Look for specialized words to find the most important ideas within the original text. Paraphrased versions may retain these words, as they can be key to the meaning.
  2. Look for words or phrases that can change.
  3. To find substitutes, use a wordbook.


Recasting information from another source, or restating it in your own words without changing its meaning. Sometimes, the original passage outline may be shorter.

A summary is a summary of the main ideas and thoughts of another writer. Although it can be shorter than the original text of the article, you must acknowledge the author.

Original text

Modern management mythology is the best strategy for improving. Modern management mythology is the most common strategy for improvement.


To improve productivity and organizational health, the most popular strategy is to develop managers. It doesn’t always work because of inability or uncontrollable factors (Bolman& Deal 2013)


Bolman (2013) and Deal (2013) agree that revitalizing management is the best strategy to improve an organization’s performance. Managers aren’t always willing or able to solve problems. Sometimes, uncontrollable forces can have an impact on the outcome.


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