V Reddy Kancharla – A Overview of Taking Up Swimming as a Hobby for People Over 50

V Reddy Kancharla – A Overview of Taking Up Swimming as a Hobby for People Over 50


Pursuing swimming as a hobby is the perfect way for people above 50 years to remain physically active. They can exercise all the relevant muscle groups in their bodies by swimming from one end of the pool to another. This enables them to improve their cognitive abilities, bone strength, flexibility, and heart health. Moreover, swimming is a low-impact activity, unlike other sports like soccer or golf.

V Reddy KancharlaWhy should people above 50 years take up swimming?

V Reddy Kancharla is a leading civil engineer from New York City’s Metropolitan Area with more than 25 years of experience. He specializes in geotechnical consultancy, construction quality control, and civil construction. However, he has a wealth of industry-based knowledge and expertise in other vital areas. These include assessing structural failures, devising remedial designs, troubleshooting, rectifying construction discrepancies, scheduling construction projects, and executing ISO quality standards. He is even responsible for constructing some of New York City’s famous landmarks. These include the USTA National Tennis Center, Yankee Stadium, and the terminals of JFK Airport.

In his opinion, people over the age of 50 years should pursue swimming as a hobby for the following reasons:

  • Ensures a full-body workout

Swimming is an ideal low-intensity full-body workout for people on the verge or over the age of 50 years. Every day, a single 30-minute swimming session enables them to burn over 450 calories. This allows them to burn excess body fat, tone their muscles, improve blood circulation and strengthen their heart and abdomen.

  • Enhance bone density

Going swimming helps people who cross the age of 50 strengthen the bones in their bodies. This enables fighting or delaying the onset of osteoporosis which affects a vast majority of individuals within their age group. It also makes them less vulnerable to suffering a bone fracture in the event of an unfortunate fall or accident.

  • Boost flexibility

Most people over the age of 50 tend to remain inactive for an extended period. Most of them sit on a couch or lie down on the sofa for almost 10 hours. This adversely affects their flexibility. However, whenever these individuals take a swimming session, they constantly move their upper and lower limbs—this helps boost their muscle mass and remain flexible to overcome body stiffness.

  • Improve mental health

Swimming is an excellent way for people over 50 years to enhance their cognitive abilities and minimize stress levels. This is because this sporting activity helps boost endorphin production in their bodies. This hormone acts as a catalyst in improving their mood, fighting depression, and making them feel happy. Moreover, swimming is a fun activity which they can enjoy with their spouse and grandchildren.

According to V Reddy Kancharla, swimming is ideal for people over 50 years to work out and reduce their stress levels. However, they must consult their doctors before taking up this sport. Initially, they should start swimming slow and gradually improve their fitness level. This helps them to minimize the chances of sustaining injuries to their body.


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