What Are the Key Features of UK Dedicated Server – Onlive Server

What Are the Key Features of UK Dedicated Server – Onlive Server


For any company that needs dedicated web hosting but doesn’t have the expertise to monitor and maintain it, a managed dedicated server plan is the perfect option. The hosting provider company offer different levels of support for a variety of prices. Services include operations management, firewall, and antivirus updates, security checks, data backups, disaster recovery, and general system monitoring.

There is a wide range of managed dedicated server hosting on the market and it is important that a company feels that they trust the knowledge and integrity of the web hosting provider. After all, a reliable and dynamic website is crucial for customer loyalty. There are several key features to look out for to ensure value for money and reduce the risk of choosing a below-average website host.

Acquisition and installation

A managed host should provide a UK dedicated server hosting package that meets the specific needs of the client. It is important to ensure that the service provider offers the scalability and bandwidth that the company needs.

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What services are included?

Some services are included in the monthly fee, others are included. It is also important that a host can respond quickly to implement and install new requirements for one-time special projects.

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Performance guarantees

The main hosts for managed websites now typically offer 99.99% uptime for networks and data centers. This is only possible if the host has an adequate emergency power supply system and a dedicated team of support and monitoring personnel.

Help and support

Many of the best-managed servers offer 24-hour help and support 7 days a week, 365 days a year. One way to test the support desk is to search through the various online review forums, where there are endless customer reviews with honest reports of their experiences with a provider. An important consideration is whether the host provides a dedicated support team. If not, you’ll likely be on hold forever to reach a different account manager each time. The ideal situation is direct access to a dedicated service worker who only works with a handful of accounts.

Hardware replacement time

The fastest deals on the market apply to hardware replacement within 15 minutes of the failure. Other companies offer the exchange within an hour.

Premium branded hardware

Hardware errors are still one of the main causes of IT service errors. The use of premium brand hardware is a must since it contains RAID, which provides two or more redundant hard drives in the event of an error.

Application monitoring

A key feature of a managed dedicated server is regular monitoring of the website, network, and server to ensure optimal performance.

Regular data backup

Regular backups are important to protect websites and customer information in the event of a crash.

Security monitoring

The host should be responsible for keeping up to date with the latest security updates to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to prevent a security breach. In the event of data loss, the host should be able to respond quickly to recover lost information and avoid compromising customer security.

Energy efficiency

A final consideration is the analysis of the energy efficiency of the managed service provider. Nowadays, customers judge companies by their ability to minimize environmental impact. Choosing a service provider who wants to reduce their energy consumption as much as possible and use renewable energy sources is a positive PR measure for every company.

A managed dedicated server hosting is critical to any web application development that requires high availability and performance.

Answering your special server questions

So they’re on the market to host some data on the Internet. We have all seen the pop-up menu list web hosting for just $ 5 a month. But what do you get for this fee? Typically, you get shared storage on a company’s server, and you’re hosting struggles with others on the same computer.

What if you have specific or non-standard hosting requirements? Are you concerned that the poor performance of your hosting affects your web presence? The UK dedicated server may be suitable for you.

How does it work?

Dedicated server hosting differs from the standard home computer, which mainly uses the operating system. Special versions of Windows that are optimized for network operation and UNIX are used by a dedicated server.

While your home computer becomes a word processor, video game system, checkbook balancer, etc., a dedicated server uses a minimal user interface so that most of its work can be done on the network. CPUs are similar to storage and storage systems; however, servers usually have large amounts of everyone.

Why reserve a server?

In the hosting market, it’s not uncommon for a service provider to rent server space to dozens, if not more, accounts on the same server. Depending on the usage and the number of requests, some accounts can suffer if the server reaches its limits. The Hosting service providers company also determine the hardware resource and software configuration. If you have requirements for software that has not been installed, you may be out of luck. You are in control by assigning a server. From the hardware to the software, select the components that your server should use.

Do I need special equipment to make a dedicated server hosting?

Yes and no. It all depends on the server performance. Older business systems have been recycled into corporate mail and web servers. As long as the users do not overload the system capacity, everything works fine.

According to today’s standards, a typical server has several processors, a lot of redundant memory, and a lot of memory. Also, an asymmetrical high-speed connection is required, otherwise, the server will stall due to information.


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